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AXA Mandiri Launches Application for Smart Phones


AXA Mandiri Launches Application for Smart Phones

- PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance (AXA Mandiri) today issued MyAXA Mandiri Claims. This is a mobile claim application base to provide speed and convenience of servis to several motor vehicle insurance and travel insurance customers.

Albertus Wiroyo, Special Director of Mandiri AXA General Insurance, explained that the launch of this application is in line with the spirit of AXA Mandiri which always places consumer centricity (concentration on setia customers) in every servis that is improved by the company.

"We have prepared this MyAXA Mandiri Claims in order to improve servis to some customers so that they can connect our serviss easily, simply and quickly through this application," said Albertus during the launch of MyAXA Mandiri Claims at AXA's Social Media Command Center (SMCC). Mandiri and AXA, Wednesday 27 January 2016 in recorded information received by VIVA.co.id.

This application can be obtained easily by unduhing on the Google Play Toko and Apple App Toko and there are two language options, namely English and Indonesian.

The advantage of this application is that it provides relief where customers can make claims anywhere and anytime, sederhana because photos of damage and supporting documents can be sent immediately lewat the application, and quickly because konsumen claims that meet the requirements will receive a decision on the same day.

In addition, MyAXA Mandiri Claims provides additional serviss to customers, namely positions/places for relationship workshops, hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, and the police who can help serve customers.

There are MyAXA Mandiri Claims for customers in accordance with the mission of digital transformation (digital transformation) which is in AXA Mandiri, where digital as one of the columns that remains improved in all lines of business and operations AXA Mandiri to improve servis to some customers.

"In this digital age, people's desire for information and serviss that are easy and fast is getting higher. I am sure that the digital transformation that we are continuing to work on, including through the MyAXA Mandiri Claims application, can answer the residents' wishes," said Albertus. (ren)