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AXA Berdikari Launches E-commerce App Portal for Life Insurance

One of the insurance companies in Indonesia, AXA Berdikari continues to take various digital approaches in order to gain a wide pasar reach. By entering the shift in consumer trends in using the internet for daily needs, AXA Berdikari officially launched an e-commerce portal specifically for purchasing life insurance packages, "Membeli Online". This portal promises an instan insurance application process.

If you remember, at the end of 2013 AXA Berdikari also launched an online sales package for the Berdikari Secure Rencana life insurance through the e-commerce site Tokone. Tokone itself is an e-commerce site formed by Bank Berdikari which was launched in 2011. After running for almost a year, through the Membeli Online e-commerce microsite portal , AXA Berdikari is now much more prepared to carry out its pemasaran usahas in the online realm.

"We are aware that there are changes in current trends that inevitably we also have to make various adjustments in order to meet konsumen desires. We have prepared this portal to make it easier for customers to buy Berdikari Secure Rencana insurance packages that we offer online. The process is fast, only 10 minutes," said Handayani, Director of Alternatif Kanal AXA Berdikari on the sidelines of a media discussion moment in Sudirman, South Jakarta.

Just like when running the program at Tokone, this portal also allows prospective customers to no longer need to be "trapped" in the time-consuming and cumbersome process of submitting conventional insurance applications. According to Handayani, the innovations he developed can also be used as educational capital for the public about the benefits of life insurance which can now be obtained easily, simply by accessing the URL address axa-mandiri.co.id/belionline on any piranti.

" This microsite can be accessed anywhere and anytime, so it will provide convenience for people who want to become AXA Berdikari life insurance customers. Through this site, customers can quickly decide what insurance products and solutions they need, and can get an e-policy on the same day after the payment process is complete," explained Handayani.

In addition to these advantages, Handayani added, with the presence of this special portal, prospective customers can easily obtain complete information about package detils and the various benefits of the insurance rencana offered by AXA Berdikari. He did not deny, this innovation will help spread the benefits of life insurance in the community.

"Through this site, we believe that the tingkat of insurance purchase from online will increase significantly in the coming years," he added.

For now, purchasing insurance packages through Buy Online can only be done through kredit card payments, which is also only limited to Bank Berdikari kredit card customers. However, according to Handayani, in the future, it is possible that this insurance e-commerce portal will open a payment kanal from a third party.

In the realm of local startups, although they do not (yet) serve direct purchases, sites such as Asuransi88 and KreditGogo are also present as online platforms for comparing insurance products that are widely available in the community.

Realme is not a merek name that we remember when discussing flagship handphones. But occasionally they also seem to want to make a breakthrough by 'troubling' the segment. Most recently, they have just introduced the Realme GT, a handphone that is predicted to be a " flagship killer ", to the global pasar.

Of course, this is not the first time we hear the termin flagship killer. In order to be called that, a cellphone must offer flagship specifications at a cheaper price than the majority of its kompetitors. In the case of the Realme GT, this is realized through a price tag of only 369 euros ( early bird prices on AliExpress on 21-25 Juni).

What do consumers get with a capital equivalent to 6.4 million rupiah? Chipset Snapdragon 888, LPDDR5 8 GB RAM, penyimpanan UFS 3.1 128 GB, 4,500 mAh baterai to dukungan fast pengisian 65 W, and a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED screen with FHD + resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Alternatifly, consumers can also pick up the 12 GB/256 GB variasit for 499 euros (± 8.6 million rupiah).

As already mentioned, the price tag is only benar for a few days at the beginning of its launch. The normal price for the Realme GT in the European pasar is 449 euros (± 7.8 million rupiah) for the 8 GB/128 GB variasit, or 599 euros (± 10.3 million rupiah) for the 12 GB/256 GB variasit. Still very affordable for the size of the phone with the chipset 's fastest Qualcomm today.

In order to further maximize its performnce, Realme also embeds a cooling sistem that utilizes stainless steel material instead of copper. According to Realme, this new generation of cooling sistem is capable of lowering the prosesor temperature by up to 15°C. All of that is packaged in an 8.4mm thick bodi, weighing no more than 186 grams — except for the yellow variasit, which is slightly thicker and heavier due to the panel. The back is covered in synthetic leather.

Regarding the kamera, the Realme GT packs three rear kameras: a 64- megapixel f/1.8 main kamera, an 8- megapixel ultra-wide kamera , and a 2- megapixel macro kamera. Up front, the small hole on the screen is occupied by a 16 megapixel kamera. Nothing that sounds special, but this handphone does sell more performnce than kamera quality.

So far, it is not known when the Realme GT will be sold in the homeland pasar. Realme Indonesia currently seems to be busy preparing the Realme 8 5G, which is touted as the cheapest 5G phone. Of course, it would be very interesting if Realme Indonesia continued its maneuver by revealing the Realme GT as the cheapest flagship phone.