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RTI Bussines and Best Online Stock Trading Application

RTI Bussines and Best Online Stock Trading Application

Applications in trading tasks are currently crucial, be it applications that are straight relates to everyday trading tasks or sustaining applications for simply graph evaluation or inspecting the newest information.

In this article, we'll quickly review some important applications that are both main and sustaining so that the trading outcomes are ideal. And fortunately is that you could install this application on your mobile phone.

List of Stock Trader's Essential Applications

Securities Trading Application

Trading application is an obligatory application for stock deals. Certainly, you can use PC-based applications, but having actually applications that can be used via mobile phones will greatly facilitate your choice production.

If you have not currently produced an account in securities in purchase to spend in supplies, the best advice is to appearance for securities that provide applications for mobile phones, because this will be very helpful when you're not before a computer system.

The trading application also makes it easy for us to do evaluation via graphes, so there's no need to remain before the computer system to inspect the present stock price position.


Tradingview is a stock trading application whose main function is to perform evaluation as well as as a stock testing application.

This tradingview application is quite unique and enjoyable, and very easy to use as a stock evaluation application.

The main function of this application is to perform technological evaluation, because there are many devices that you could explore, such as using Amibroker, which is quite expensive to license.

Being used tradingview, there are 2 options, specifically free or paid. Both have various features, but if you just need technological evaluation, after that you can simply use the free centers, by simply signing up to obtain a tradingview account.

Another benefit is, when you do an evaluation via a computer system, after that the next time you open up it via a mobile phone, the graph that you refined can show up again on your mobile phone immediately.


Is a online discussion forum application for investors and financiers. You'll reach know many individuals, both investors and financiers with various histories.

There are expert and effective investors or financiers, so you can gain from them free of charge and easily.

Additionally, you can also obtain the newest information about issuers on the Indonesian stock trade.

If you use a paid center, after that you'll obtain a variety of fascinating devices and truly help you in doing stock evaluation.

RTI Bussines

RTI Bussines is an application for essential stock testing that we can use because of the ease and completeness of the information provided.

This application is classified as incredibly popular amongst financiers and investors, because you can see information on certain issuers varying from accounts, basics to corporate activities that have been or will remain in the future.

Another benefit is that you could produce a wachlist of any supplies that will be targeted or a listing of supplies in our profile.

Additionally, we can see the deal information of each stock regarding which broker professions the stock.

RTI Analytics

Slightly various from RTI Bussines, this application includes complete monetary declaration information varying from income, earnings from year to year, to company capital, all available.

So before you open up the issuer's monetary declarations by hand, you can use this application to determine which supplies are consisted of in the criteria for further in-depth evaluation.


This application is fairly new, but its benefits are huge.

You can screen supplies with certain criteria, essential information, stock evaluation, and produce trading plans immediately.

This is considered important because it will greatly conserve your time and accelerate choice production.

Besides the variety of cool features, the essential point is that this application is free (based on change at any moment).

Business economics and Business Information Application

Trading or purchasing supplies truly needs real information about the development of business globe and the economic climate as well as federal government regulations.

For that you must install 1 or 2 financial information applications, such as CNBC Indonesia, Kontan, Bisnis, Investor Everyday, Katadata, and a lot more.

With a lot information being available in, you'll have a better chance of earning money because the information you obtain is realtime.

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Final thought

Along with the 6 applications over, there are still many applications that support stock trading, and you can explore them, because each application has its own benefits.

I directly just often use the over applications both in regards to evaluation and monitoring of stock price movements.

Thus a short review of trading applications that must be installed on traders' mobile phones, may be useful.