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The Best and Most Trusted Forex Trading Application for Indonesian Traders

The Best and Most Trusted Forex Trading Application for Indonesian Traders

Online forex trading lewat android and iOS (Apple) applications is increasingly populer lately. Many beginners are tempted to take advantage of forex trading applications because of the ease of taking keuntungans anywhere and anytime, only with a cellphone and an internet connection. This situation has led to the emergence of many forex trading applications on the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. As a result, even beginners are confused about which one is the best forex trading application.

There are forex trading applications that only have basic fiturs, namely to buy/sell and view deposit balances. But there are also more complete applications with integrated technical and esensial analysis tools. This article will ulasan the three best forex trading applications for Indonesian traders along with recommendations for beginners.

Criteria for the Best Forex Trading Application for Beginners

The best forex trading applications can help us to make informed and more akirate decisions. Here are some characteristics of the best forex trading applications that beginners should pay attention to:

Complete fiturs : All traders need charts (charts), pasar news (news up-dates), a forex calendar (forex calendar) and a watchlist. Traders also need to make sure that all these fiturs are easily accessible.

Quick information : The best forex trading apps should be full-featured, but not overwhelming. Applications that contain too many useless fiturs may require more bandwidth and penyimpanan ruang, so the loading process will actually be slower. Even though the execution of forex trading must be carried out quickly.

Trusted company : The best applications should be made by well-known development companies and have been widely used by traders around the world. You can cek the PlayStore or AppStore referensial column to find out the referensials of its users.

Free download : Forex trading apps should be free for novice users. Trading fees will only appear when a trader executes a buy/sell in real trading model (live trading), but is free for demonstrasi model (practice) users.

Guaranteed security : A digital security company called IOActive has tested 21 of the most populer trading applications. The results of this research found that 4 of them are vulnerable to hackers. If you don't want to suffer losses due to hacking, you should cek the security of the application you are going to use.

2 Best and Trusted Forex Trading Apps Aplikasi

Well, after knowing some of the criteria for the best forex trading application above, maybe you are wondering which application is recommended? Here are 2 (two) of them that are most widely used by traders in various countries:

1. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) applications

All forex traders must be akrab with Metatrader4 (MT4). MT4 is the world's most populer online trading basis and a pionireer in the field of mobile trading applications. However, the current MT4 application has begun to decline in populerity along with the times. The development company, MetaQuotes, has released a new generation trading basis called MetaTrader5 (MT5).

the best and most trusted forex trading application Metatrader 5

The Metatrader 5 application has a high security, free, and reliable guarantee. The fiturs are complete. Traders can monitor changes in currency exchange rates in the forex pasar in real-time, analyze the pasar with a variety of colorful charts and indicators, execute buy/sell dozens of currencies, and cek akun transaction history. We can also gabung the MQL5 trader community komunitas which is integrated in the application.

Even better, Metatrader 5 users can easily switch between demonstrasi and real (live trading) modes. Immediately after opening the application, we will be given the pilihan of demonstrasi trading with a virtual fund of 100,000 USD. This is a free trading simulation practice capital for beginners. Very interesting, isn't it!?

The drawback is that we cannot registrasi a real akun directly on the Metatrader5 application. If you are already proficient in demonstrasi trading and want to up-grade to a real akun, you need to find a broker and create a separate akun on the preferred broker's web. If we have obtained the MT5 server address and username from the broker, then we can input it into the MT5 application for real trading.

Indonesian Forex Broker with Metatrader App

2. cTrader App

The cTrader application is less known than MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader5 among Indonesian novice traders. However, this trusted forex trading application is actually much preferred by profesional traders on the European continent. The reason is partly because cTrader offers more sophisticated order fiturs and makes it easier for traders to manage risk manajemen, as well as more complete forex per-pair informasi.

The per-pair informasi in question includes Pasar Sentiment to find out the pasar bias leaning towards buying or selling and the latest economic data release calendar. So, traders can do a more thorough analysis (not just technical). Apart from that, there are many other advantages of the cTrader application.

Beginners will only get 1000 USD virtual funds for trading simulation (demo), but real akun upgrades can be done directly on the application. cTrader operators have partnered with several leading regulated brokers to provide integrated registration akses in the application. Deposits and withdrawals of funds can also be arranged directly on the application, so traders do not have to go back and forth to the broker's web.

If you search for the cTrader application lewat Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore, you will find several application options. There is a cTrader app directly from the developer company, Spotware. There is also a cTrader application that has been customized by certain brokers such as OctaFX, IC Markets, and Pepperstone. They all sharing the same basic fiturs, but certain brokers may add ekstra fiturs of a distinctive nature.

Technological developments in the zaman of the industrial revolution 4.0 have opened wider opportunities for Indonesian traders to take advantage of the forex pasar. But we need to understand that success in forex trading will require persistence, pengalaman and insight.

Everyone who wants to be in this business needs to continue to adapt to developments and constantly improve their knowledge from time to time. Among them is by understanding how the forex trading application works and making the most of it. Do not rush to deposit capital to a broker for real trading. First of all, practice in demonstrasi model lewat the Metatrader5 or cTrader app. After mastering it well, then choosing the best and most trusted forex broker that provides akses to real trading through the same application.