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Indo Premier Sekuritas ReviewIndo Premier Sekuritas Application Review

Indo Premier Sekuritas ReviewIndo Premier Sekuritas Application Review

Now buying and selling stocks is really easy. Without leaving home, we can create our own stock account and start investing with a minimum initial balance that can match our strengths as investors.

Talking about buying and selling shares online, securities / stock brokers are important factors that we think especially for beginners. One of the best stock brokers that has been chosen by many investors to do stock business online is Indo Premier Sekuritas.

As a novice investor, why should we choose a stock broker carefully? This is because we often encounter several parties who claim to be online stock brokers who offer very high returns or other advantages. But it's just a mode to deceive customers.

Therefore we must be able to choose the most trusted stock broker and we can prioritize. Well, you probably often hear Indo Premier when looking for a reference stock broker.

For those of you who want to know more about this favorite stock security, let's read the explanation to the end!

About Indo Premier Sekuritas Company at a Glance

The first thing that we generally have to look at when choosing a broker is the issue of validity. Indo Premier Securities, as one of the largest local securities companies in Indonesia, already has an OJK permit and is a member of the IDX as an investment manager and underwriter. So you don't have to worry about validity again.

If you want to visit the head office, Indo Premier's head office is located at Pacific Century Place, 16, SCBD Lot 10, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Kav 52-53, Jakarta.

This company has been established since 2002 and includes securities that have integrated financial services, for example:

  • IPOT (For stock business transactions)
  • IPOTFUND (For mutual fund business transactions)
  • IPOTKU (For Saving)
  • IPOTPLAN (For financial planning)
  • IPOTSTOCK (Online portal for stock info and information)
  • IPOTNEWS (Online portal of info about investment)

So actually, if Indo Premier does not only provide stock business transaction services, but you also invest in mutual funds, save up to date, and even plan your finances

Indo Premier provides information and information services about investment and a special online portal for stocks that are most needed by investors. Nach, this time we will discuss Indo Premier in its share business transaction services only.

Indo Premier Securities Review

Indo Premier has 2 service groups, namely for institutional and personal customers. Nach, the following are reviews that are presented based on individual customer service. Happy reading!

Modal Minimum

When determining securities, we generally pay attention to the minimum capital we need to submit when we want to start investing in stocks. On average, securities companies make provisions for a minimum initial deposit starting from Rp. 1.000.000, Rp. 500.000, Rp. 10,000,000 and so on.

But if you invest in shares through Indo Premier, there is no minimum initial deposit. You need to buy the same shares according to the provisions of the share calculation, which is 1 lot (100 shares).

So for example, ABCD's share price is Rp. 3000/piece of stock. Therefore you need to prepare a minimum initial deposit of Rp. 3000 x 100 (pieces) = Rp. 300,000, then you can buy about 1 lot of shares.

There are also those whose share prices are lower, so of course you can also have shares with a capital of less than 300 thousand.

There are even shares that you can buy for Rp. 5000/ 1 lot. This must really make it easy, especially for novice investors who don't want to immediately provide large capital when they initially invest.

Cost of Transactions for Competitive Stocks

One of the sources of income for securities companies is obtained from business transaction fees. But every company has different rules about this.

If you want to do stock business through an application from Indo Premier whose name is IPOT, then you will be exposed to business transaction costs for buying shares of 0.19% and selling shares of around 0.29%.

Can say if the fee can be quite competitive with other securities and in accordance with the facilities you get in the latest IPOT application.

Has a Complete Feature

The IPOT application is a stock investment application versus the latest Indo Premier, from the beginning which is IPOTGO. This application is validly launched in June 2020 tempo days and you can use Android, iPhone or Windows/PC users.

Currently, the IPOT application has been taken more than 100,000 times by some android users and IPOTGO itself has been downloaded by 300,000 users.

This application is touted as a super application from Indo Premier because of its strength that is not only able to invest but can also do financial planning activities.

The IPOT application, of course, has been equipped with various features that are most useful for investors. Some of the most important and necessary features, for example:

The appearance of the interface is simple and attractive. Easy to use for beginners and totally modern.

Complete stock data features (complete charting and tools, corporate action calendar and business transaction stories)

IPOT Journey, helps educate beginners with 3 levels of learning about stocks. This is really useful for beginners.

Complete News, presenting complete information about stocks with research data

Security mechanism that we can prioritize and make it easier for us to do business safely because it has been protected by layered security mechanisms and 256 bit SSL.

Robo Trading, you can do stock trading automatically at the stock price, amount and time that we set initially.

Easy Registration Steps

If you wnt to be a stock investor, of course you need to open a stock account first.

Along with the development of digital technology, opening an Indo Premier stock account has become faster and easier. You can do it offline or online.

But now, online registration services are of course an option for many people because we don't have to bother sending physical files directly to branch/headquarters offices and others.

If you are interested, you can read the complete method in the next point!

Steps to Register an Indo Premier Sekuritas Stock Account

Just as we have reviewed, to open a stock account through Indo Premier Sekuritas you can do it in 2 steps, namely offline and online.

This time we will review the 2nd. Maybe at any time the online registration feature is not available for us to use, or indeed you prefer to choose one of those methods.

Steps to Open an Offline Stock Account

  • Arrive directly to the nearest branch office. Indo premiere branch offices have spread in several cities in Indonesia. You can browse it by searching.
  • Provide complete data such as photocopy of ID card, NPWP (if any) and the first page of the savings account book rekening
  • Fill in the form and fill in the required data and select an Indo Premier account.
  • Steps to Open an Online Stock Account
  • There are many important things you should see when you open a stock account via the IPOT application:

  • When you open it through the IPOT application, you will automatically get a regular account. Then you can't select an account, for example a sharia account.
  • RDN (Customer Fund Account) only through Permata Bank
  • But it can be different if it has been registered by submitting it to support@indopremier.com
  • Make sure to register a stock account during working hours Monday-Friday (09.00-16.00)
  • Well, if you're ready, you can take the following steps to open a stock account online via the IPOT application from Indo Premier Sekuritas!
  • Download the IPOT application
  • Make sure the internet connection is constant, and wear neat clothes
  • Prepare e-katp and signature on a white sheet of paper
  • Go to the start page of the IPOT application, and fill in the e-mail address and smartphone no
  • The mechanism will ask you to re-type your e-mail address and send the OTP code via SMS
  • Saran code OTP
  • Suggestion of e-KTP number and verify your name matches your name on e-KTP
  • Then fill in some individual data the same as the mechanism wants
  • Take a selfie with the same e-KTP status according to the guidelines
  • Upload the e-KTP photo and signature on the white paper that you have prepared with the correct and bright status
  • Generate your account username and password and PIN
  • Re-verify the data that you suggested in the initial mechanism. If the data is correct, press "Continue", then click "Open RDN Account), click "Open Impact Account"
  • Short video recording by saying the sentences contained in the application
  • Register usai
  • Steps to Submit Investment Funds

For those of you who open a stock account via the IPOT application, there is only RDN Bank Permata for you. Therefore, you must make a transfer of funds via the Permata Bank RDN number that you have. Here you are a few steps!

If you are a Permata Bank customer, then your RDN account can become a Sub Account automatically. But if not, then transfer funds to your RDN account through your individual accounts. Can be via m-banking, ATM and others.

  • When the funds have been sent then you will get a notification
  • You can check incoming funds by logging in and entering the PIN you created initially
  • Specify "Account information" then press "Cash Info"
  • When the funds have entered, therefore you can immediately buy the stock product you expect by writing the stock code in the search menu
  • Set the price, the number of lots you expect when buying. Then the whole price will be there automatically
  • Click "Confirm buy"
  • The business transaction is over, the shares you buy become your stock portfolio


Well, that's a review regarding Indo Premier Sekuritas. Choose a security company that can be trusted and prioritized is important, especially if you have the intention of investing in the long term. Indo Premier as you might think, plus there is no minimum initial deposit and the latest IPOT application that is better and more complete than the previous version.

If you are interested in opening an account through this security, you can follow several steps to register a stock account to the step to submit your investment funds to do stock business through the application. Actually, you can also register through the official website in almost the same way. So, you are no longer complicated and dizzy to start investing because now everything is easy, right?