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Collaborating with Halodoc Application, AXA Berdikari and AXA Implement Social Restrictions Through Telemedical Serviss

Collaborating with Halodoc Application, AXA Berdikari and AXA Implement Social Restrictions Through Telemedical Serviss

AXA Berdikari and AXA are taking various proactive steps to implement social restrictions and help prevent the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19).

One of the initiatives carried out in implementing the kebijakan is to keep distance by facilitating customers and employees to conduct health consultations with general practitioners, without having to leave the house.

Currently, more than 99 percent of AXA Berdikari and AXA employees are already working from home.

"Since this pandemi, we have optimized various aspects of the company to maintain the health and safety of employees, as well as ensure the continuity of the company so that it can continue to provide the best servis to customers," said Country CEO AXA Indonesia, President Commissioner of Berdikari AXA General Insurance and Commissioner of AXA Berdikari Financial. Servis, Julien Steimer , in a written pernyataan, Thursday (16/4/2020).

In line with the company's strategy to be present as a mitra for customers, AXA Berdikari and AXA collaborated with Halodoc.

Through the Halodoc application, customers and employees have the opportunity to consult with more than 22,000 licensed doctors.

In addition, customers can also buy medicines through the Halodoc application which will be sent directly to their homes.

Halodoc CEO Jonathan Sudharta explained, the taktikc collaboration between Halodoc and AXA Berdikari and AXA is part of the dukungan for the physical restriction movement initiated by the government.

"We hope that this collaboration can help customers, as well as AXA Berdikari and AXA employees in maintaining their health, and getting the right health information," said Jonathan.

Life insurance for health workers

AXA Berdikari is trusted by Bank Berdikari and the Ministry of SOEs to provide additional dukungan in the form of life insurance protection to 35,000 health workers (nakes) in Indonesia.

In addition, AXA Berdikari and AXA are also working with Kitabisa.com to facilitate employees, customers and marketers by raising funds to contribute to overcoming this pandemi.

The funds collected will be used to provide individual protective equipment (PPE) and vitamin supplements for health workers at three COVID-19 treatment referal hospitals, namely Fatmawati Central General Hospital, Dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung and Sanglah Bali Central General Hospital.


Globally, AXA is also actively involved in the handling of the pandemi, through the AXA Research Fund, which supports infectious disease research, by donating 5 million Euros to the response to COVID-19, including the Louis Pasteur Institute COVID-19 Task Force and the Open COVID-19 initiative by Just One Open Giant Lab (JOGL).

Open COVID-19 is an open research basis that brings together engineers, practitioners and researchers to provide low-cost emergensi solutions to the pandemi, with a particular konsentrasi on low-income countries.

AXA Grup also made donations to the 101 Fund to be distributed to more than 1,200 intensive care units in 60 countries, including selected health institutions in Indonesia, namely the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta and Dr Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya.

Through the international volunteer program "AXA Hearts in Action", employees can post messages of dukungan for Fund 101 on their media sosial, and AXA will donate an additional 5 Euros for each message.